Infusion pump SK 500I

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Infusion pump SK 500I

User friendly keypad design
Embedded handle allows for easy transportation
Intuitive programming procedure with quick guidance on screen

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Infusion Safety

    Dynamic pressure system - monitors the pressure in real time. Ability to change the 3-level clog sensitivity threshold

 3 levels of alarms
    Anti-bolus function - when plugged, the pump returns a portion of the volume to prevent a sudden delivery of the medication to the patient
    Bubble control with air. Detection of a 50 μL and 5 air detection levels
Easy to use

    Low weight and comfortable handle
    Built-in battery for operation without external power supply
    Remember last saved settings after shutdown
    Quick start of the infusion


    Work with all types and sizes of syringes
    Easy installation


    Waterproof membrane - IP34
    Self-diagnosis - Motor, Sensor, Battery, Memory card, CPU;
    Automatic and manual lock on the keyboard
    High degree of accuracy

Functions: Titration, Keypad lock, Pause, Automatic syringe size recognition

• 2.5 "LCD screen
• Alarms for: end of infusion, near solution, blockage, low battery level, critically low battery level, syringe displacement, lack of power supply, malfunction, error
• Alarms Volume Level Adjustment (8 Degrees)

• Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
• Rechargeable battery: Lithium, up to 5 hours of autonomous operation at 5 ml / h;
• Dimensions: 360 (L) x 145 (W) x 123 (H) mm
• Weight: <2 kg

Infusion rate:
5 ml syringe: (0.1 ~ 150) ml / h; 10 ml syringe: (0.1 ~ 300) ml / h; 20ml syringe: (0.1 ~ 600) ml / h; 30 ml syringe: (0.1 ~ 900) ml / h; 50 ml / 60 ml syringe: (0.1 ~ 1500) ml / h
Infusion volume: 0.1 - 999.9 ml
Bolus: 0.10-1500 ml / h