Infinita Academy and the Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Orthopaedy and Traumatology invite you to participate in а practical and useful training course in vet orthopаedics. We hope that your experience here will encourage you to become more interested in the orthopaedic communities.

About Infinita Academy - The Academy organizes hands-on training workshops for veterinarian and humane doctors. Our workshops and programmes are focused on practical training, so we offer synthesized theoretical information and give special attention to hands-on training.  We always invite lecturers with extensive experience and to share their knowledge. 

What is BAVOT? We are a NPO group with a mission to sustainably increase our members‘ expertise and skills, through organising education events and courses.

Why should you join BAVOT? Being involved with a specialised education group will help you to expand your knowledge in the area, build up contacts and will provide new opportunities to advance veterinary trauma care.

The learning objectives of this education are:

• Recognition of the role of biology and mechanical aspects in the process of fracture healing

• Learning and applying the principles in treating diaphyseal fractures- internal fixation and externals skeleton.

• Mastering practical skill in the treatment of diaphyseal fractures through exercises on plastic bones and cadaver limbs.

• General understanding the principles in treating intra- articular fracture

• Recognition of the risks and potential intra-operative complications related to the treatment of fractures.

• Recognition and building strategies for treating the most common postoperative complication in fracture management.

Target participants

• BAVOT Modular Course is appropriate for beginners in the field, including students over their 4th year.

• Attendance in the first part is mandatory for participation in the others.


Study load

The modular BAVOT course is focused on the treatment he most common fractures of small animals, by applying well established/ AO principles.

The course consists of four parts organised as a different events, with about 1-2 months apart.

• Part 1 Orthopaedic principles- two days, 1-2. October

• Part 2 External skeletal fixation- one day, 12 . November

• Part 3 Osteosynthesis with plates- one day, 28. January

• Part 4 Difficult fractures and complications- one day, 29. January


BAVOT faculties and assistants:

Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov- Pet Vet Orto, Turku, Finland

Dr. Svetoslav Hristov- United Veterinary Clinic, Varna, Bulgaria

Dr. Vladi Kirilov- Dobro Hrumvane, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dr. Alexandros Bourbos, Bitsol University, Langford, UK

Dr. Simeon Pachev- Provet-Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dr. Ivan Kalmukov- Fitzpatrick Referral resident, UK

Organizer/promoter: Infinita Academy and BAVOT.

Participants: 18

Working groups: 2-participants per work station

Language: English

Course venue: Infinita Academy Building, 127 Gen. Alexander Suvorov Str., Sofia, Bulgaria (location)

E-mail: Tel.: +359 700 20 640.

Price: € 690 per module
          € 2 360 for the whole modular course