Infinita Academy invites you to participate in our most successful training course - Abdominal Ultrasound - basic level. Welcome to the 8th edition of the course and learn the ins and outs of abdominal ultrasound. Speaker will be Ranko Georgiev, DVM – chief doctor in the biggest veterinary clinic in Bulgaria and a leading specialist in cardiology and imaging diagnostics. 

The learning objectives of this education are:

         ·            How to recognize common artefacts and to avoid mistakes  

         ·            Standard scan planes and results interpretation

         ·            Principles of the standard ultrasound study, emphasis on the normal anatomy – unique isomorphic appearances of the abdominal organs

         ·            Common abdominal pathologies and their ultrasound appearances

We recommend this workshop for veterinarians or last year veterinary students with little or no experience in the field of diagnostic ultrasound. All major topics from the physics and principles of image formation to normal and abnormal abdominal organs appearances will be covered. All veterinarians who already have an ultrasound equipment in their practice, but do not feel confident using it, will benefit from the workshop too.

All participants will work in small groups with real patients, guided and monitored by the course instructors/table assistants. During the workshop everyone will scan at least 6 different animals – dogs and cats, with normal anatomy and with different pathologies.

The speaker

Dr. Ranko Georgiev graduated the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Trakian University, Stara Zagora – Bulgaria in 1998. He is one of the founders of the biggest clinic in Bulgaria – Central Veterinary Clinic in Sofia. He has extensive clinical experience and numerous of specializations and internships, as the most interesting are in Colorado State University Vet Teaching Hospital under Dr Chris Orton and June Boon, Davis Vet School in California with Dr Mark Kittleson, and ESAVS - Master in Veterinary Cardiology, University of Luxembourg.

He is a member of many professional organizations as ESVC – European Association in Veterinary Cardiology, IVUSS – International Veterinary Ultrasound Society, EAVDI – European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, and many others.


Infinita Academy and CVC


min. 16 and max 20

Working groups:

4-participants per work station


English and all participants will receive the presented data in digital format.

Course venue:

Infinita Academy Building, 127 Gen. Alexander Suvorov Str., Sofia, Bulgaria (location)

E-mail: Tel.: +359 700 20 640.


€ 900 EUR excl. VAT

The place is guaranteed only after registration and payment of the fee in 10 days after receiving of the proforma invoice. 

Additional option: € 30 EUR excl. VAT Social Dinner on 3. December