Terms of Delivery
Purchased medical supplies from infinita-medical.eu can be obtained by courier delivery at a customer-specified address:
Infinita-medical.eu works with established courier service providers at prices based on a contract and preferential prices.

Delivery time
Deliveries are made by a courier company within 4-6 business days, according to the zoning of the courier company.
The date of delivery shall be the date of arrival of the goods by courier at the address indicated by the applicant. In the event that the recipient is unable to accept the goods (due to his absence from the address or other reasons not depending on the supplier or courier), there will be no delay in delivery. In these cases, the delivery will take place in the first day and hour convenient for the recipient, and if this results in additional shipping costs, they will be paid by the recipient.

Delivery prices
In order for proper service to be performed, the USER is obliged to leave exact address data and telephone number. Infinity does not accept responsibility for unsolicited shipments in the wrong address or incorrect phone number.

The delivery price is not included in the indicated commodity prices.

Our road delivery partner to European countries is DPD. More information about Terms of Delivery you may find HERE

Please note that you will receive a delivery details confirmation via e-mail. If necessary, an Infinity employee will contact you to specify additional delivery details.