Autoclave class 18L B-class

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Steam sterilization method - Pressurized steam.

Scope of sterilization: All types of bacteria and viruses.

Sterilization temperatures: 121, 134 degrees or at a selected temperature.

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Fully automated operation, control and monitoring using a microcomputer
Chamber capacity: 18L (25 х 35 cm)
Class B, with 3 pre-vacuum cycle and a drying cycle
Sterilization temperature: 121°C or 134 °C
8 different sterilization programs; 1 cleaning program, 1 program with user settings adjustment.
2 Test programs: Helix BD test, Vacuum test
Integrated printer; dual vacuum pump
Density compensation system drum
Automatic filling and draining the water tank
Security: Double door lock - automatic and mechanical. Vacuum locking system ensures a simple locking by a light hand pressure.
Self-test of sterilization functions.
Overall dimensions: 66 х 44.5 х 39 cm
Weight (mass): 48 kg